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One of the most relevant services we provide to our clients is that of legal information in a preventive perspective to litigation, reducing monetary and time costs with legal demands.

In addition to having a highly qualified modern law firm, we have a multidisciplinary team that works in an integrated manner, aligned with the most modern platforms in the market for a quick and efficient resolution of cases.


Condominium Law

Real Estate Law

Contract Law

Consumer Law

Business Law

Labor law

Civil responsability

Credit recovery




We provide an excellent service, being recognized for ethics, objectivity, transparency and effectiveness in solving legal issues, always committed to safety and the best result.

Through a modern and integrated work methodology, our advocacy is personalized and attentive to the particularities of each client, from the first service to the completion of the demand in a short period of time.


Headquartered strategically in Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, in addition to successful partnerships with offices in all capitals and abroad, we transport our customers to reduce costs in the face of an efficient control plan.

For over a decade, we have provided operational cost reduction and results optimization with strategic direction.


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Credit recovery

Our asset recovery sector has modern software that automatically collects, in addition to direct communication with credit protection agencies, providing a quick result.

Fee contract

Our contract does not have a specific contract term. We believe that the greatest guarantee of continuity of the partnership is the excellence of the contracted services and the effectiveness of legal certainty.

Monthly report

We have as standard the monthly delivery of the service invoice in line with a detailed report of activities, pending issues and achievements in favor of the sponsored - a well-informed customer is a more efficient manager.

Customer / Partner

The customer is seen and treated as a true partner, not just a contractor.

We deliver high quality relationships with partners and other service users for a healthy and lasting relationship.

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